Your first visit

  1. A first visit guided by care and respect

    Although the information in this web site attempts to answer most of the questions, it is understandable that some concerns remain when it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery in general.

    At Plastie Clinic, we believe that trust is built from the very first meeting. We feel it is important that we welcome you in a warm and friendly manner, where your need for discretion is respected at all times.

    While you take a moment to complete a medical questionnaire, our team of professionals is getting ready to meet you.

  2. Your first meeting with the surgeons

    In the most professional and confidential way, this first meeting aims to listen to you and understand your motivation. We want to establish a good relationship with our patients, and this begins by carefully listening to you to assess your expectations while ensuring that all of your questions are answered.

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  3. The Medical check-up

    The health assessment is the third step of the visit. The team at Plastie Clinic will make a diagnosis and determine the specific surgical procedure that corresponds to your needs.

    In a very discreet and respectful manner, the surgeons study the structure and the shape of the part of your body that will undergo surgery. The team will take the time to explain to you precisely, in plain language what can be corrected as well as the different options and implications for each targeted area.

  4. The medical assistant

    In order to provide support at all times, the team of surgeons will entrust you to the care of one of our assistants who will answer any questions you may have regarding the planning of your surgery. They will inform you about the financial side and the options available to you. You will be able to plan your surgery date or personal treatment plan at your best convenience.

  5. Medical photos

    The next step is to photograph the area(s) of surgery for medical purposes. This step is always carried out with maximum discretion in a room specially designed for this purpose. We are certain that our team’s professionalism will be comforting to you.

  6. Prior to the Surgery

    In order to improve your preparation before the surgery, you will be given information documents. it is your responsibility to read and understand them. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of Plastie Clinic’s team members. All your questions are important.

    Once the date for the surgery has been set, most patients have to meet with their surgeon or one of our team members a second time. During this meeting, you will be given the results and recommendations resulting from the analysis of your health assessment, which you will be able to discuss before surgery.

    It is very important for our team at Plastie Clinic that you be as well-prepared as possible for surgery day. By doing so, we want to make sure that your experience is as pleasant as possible. We do not set a time limit for consultations. After all, this is a well thought-out decision, and it is now time to prepare adequately for it.