Plastic and
reconstructive surgery

Most plastic and reconstructive surgery is reimbursed by insurance programs or companies, such as the RAMQ, Blue Cross, etc. Thus, anyone who has had breast cancer surgery is entitled to a reconstruction. All treatments are supported by Québec’s Régie de l’assurance maladie.

Reconstructive surgery can help repair of certain parts of the body. There are procedures to correct damage caused by disfigurement, injuries or birth defects. Women who have had a mastectomy or those with abnormally large breasts that affect their posture or cause various health problems may inquire about breast reconstruction or reduction. Multiple options for breast reconstruction exist and a consultation is the best way to find the one that is best suited for you. Some people prefer reconstruction by prosthesis; others favor the more natural appearance of a DIEP or TRAM flap. There is also a breast reduction plan for men.

Another component of plastic and reconstructive surgery in which Plastie Clinic specializes in is the surgery of the hand. Injuries of the hand represent between 5-10 % of all emergency room visits. The causes are varied: fracture, wound, burn, sprain, tendon rupture, arthritis, tendonitis, laceration of a nerve or artery, etc. Once the diagnosis is established, a treatment plan is determined which may or may not involve surgery.

There are plans for people affected by certain diseases, including tumors, webbed toes or fingers, or additional fingers and toes, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

For individuals with severe burns or cuts, complications from skin grafts and other causes, many reconstructive techniques are available.

Reconstruction of the hand

Hands are among our most valuable allies. Even the simplest actions in our everyday life depend on them: getting dressed, eating, working or simply enjoying our leisure activities. When the hands are no longer able to perform our daily activities, several treatments can be considered to help regain our autonomy.

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Breast Reconstruction

There are several plastic surgery options for breast reconstruction. The objective is, of course, to give the breast its natural appearance and size after a mastectomy.

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